Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Eco Friendly & Save Nation
We do buy scraps at your doorstep and you will be paid for that... 

I, intend to help out busy people to throw away and get money for their pile of house hold junk like plastic wastes, old newspaper, milk cover and  broken items etc., at your door step. I avail this service upon the request sent to my bin. My service is not only for individuals but also for the organizations who find themselves deluged with a mountain of paper. Check it out the below whether you really need help of

  • Want to spend your little leisure time with family but not to trash your junk (Old newspaper, broken items and plastic wastes etc. .,)? 
  • Want to make money at your door step for your house hold junk? 
  • Don’t find time to sell your house hold junk? 
  • Are you paying extra for your servant with house hold junk? 
  • Lazy to go out and sell your trash? 
  • Don’t find scrap buyers around your residence? 
  • Don’t want to trouble the older ones at home by assigning the task of searching scrap buyers? 

If you nod, then dump me with junk... For all this, you just have to send your request with your proper address and phone number to my kuppathotti and enjoy my service and make our Country and HomeClean and Eco friendly”.

Founders Sujatha, Jegan with RJ Munna in radio City for the Program "Vanakkam Chennai" on 12th April 2012.

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